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  • Who Am I?

    I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT Supervisor) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas. In addition, I am LMFT in Colorado and Utah. 

    I graduated from Texas Woman’s University with an M.S. in Family Therapy in 2014. My work history includes interning in a juvenile detention center, working on a crisis team in community mental health, an inpatient psychiatric hospital. My past positions have given me a broad understanding of how therapy takes place in different agencies and institutions. 

    I own my own private practice, Overcoming Miles Counseling, PLLC. In my practice I see individuals, couples, and families via Telehealth. Within my practice I focus on the Black and Brown communities as well as the Queer communities.

    Supervision Theoretical Background

    My supervision theoretical background is influenced by Developmental, Feminist, and Post-Modern models of supervision. I approach supervision from an integrative lens; in order to have the most complete view possible. It is my role as a supervisor to help the associate recognize and attend to issues of power and privilege regarding ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, et cetera. 

    My role as a supervisor is to create a collaborative environment in which the associate learns from myself as I learn from them, while recognizing that as the supervisor I have inherent power within the relationship. Also, within this collaborative environment I strive to ensure the associate feels appropriately challenged, empowered, and nurtured. It is my job as a supervisor is to help the associate become a competent, self-assured, independently licensed marriage and family therapist.


    I currently provide supervision for MFT graduate interns and LMFT Associates.

    Are you looking for a site to do you practicum at? Are you wanting a site that will allow you to work with individuals, couples, and families? Then Overcoming Miles Counseling, PLLC may be the site for you. I only take a few interns at a time, so make sure to reach out early!

    MFT Graduate Practicum Site & Supervision

    Have you found the perfect practicum site, but there isn’t an onsite LMFT Supervisor?  Are you worried that you may have to find a different practicum site? Well then, I maybe the supervisor you need as I am willing to supervise MFT graduate interns at sites other than my own. Let’s connect and see if I maybe the supervisor for you.

    MFT Graduate Supervision

    Are you a recent MFT graduate in Texas? Are you wanting to apply for Associate licensure? Are you looking for a supervisor who will be supportive of your growth and provide you with the skills you will need to be a successful, independently licensed LMFT? Then I maybe the supervisor for you! Let’s connect to see if supervision with me is the right fit for you. 

    New MFT Graduates in Texas

    Are you needing a new LMFT supervisor? Is your current LMFT supervisor not a good fit? Are you looking for someone that can better help you reach your goals? Or is your current LMFT supervisor taking a step back from supervision? If so, let’s talk to see if I maybe a good fit as your supervisor. 

    Current LMFT Associates in Texas