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    Meet Our MFT Graduate Interns

    Desiree Robolt

    Not currently accepting new clients

    Life can be hard. Many of us are taught to push through the obstacles of life without taking the time to examine how those experiences affect us and how to truly heal from them. With time, we begin to feel the effects of “pushing through it”, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Oftentimes we try to manage these feelings on our own, but what happens when we can’t?

    My goal as a therapist is to create a space where my clients feel safe, cared for, and where they can be their authentic selves. Safe spaces are not always available, especially to people in marginalized groups, so it is imperative that I create an environment where my clients can safely explore their feelings. My clinical practice is grounded in the belief that people know themselves better than anyone else and hold the inner wisdom needed to create the life they want. Therefore, I am not here to give advice or tell you what to do. I am simply here to act as a guide that provides you with the necessary tools and skills to navigate your way through life.

    Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Humanistic Therapy, and Integrative Therapy, I help clients better understand their own thinking and decision making. These therapeutic styles help to increase client’s self-esteem and self-awareness, rediscover their life purpose, and become aligned with their true selves. My specialties include working with people of color (18+) and people in the LGBTQ+ community. I find it an honor to work with any client that wants to work with me. Together, we will collaborate to help you create the life you are destined to live!

    Kellica Nelson

    Currently accepting new clients

    I truly believe that a healthy mind is one of the best attributes one can possess. The best thing about the mind is that it is resilient, and we can cultivate and nourish our minds to a healthy state. It is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished when equipped with the correct tools. As a therapist I take my role seriously as the medium to help you navigate your thoughts so that you see the results in the way you can process the world around you in a healthy manner.

    I am currently in my last semester of my graduate, and I am excited to assist with healing minds. My experience consists of dealing with those with substance-abuse disorders, families, couples and individuals in crisis situations. I like to work on current issues and expound from there, so I frequently utilize Solution-Focused therapy. With couples I like to use Emotional-Focused therapy, along with applying theories from Gottman. I love when people take initiative in their healing, and I feel honored to provide that safe space where you can be heard and understood.

    Latricia Irvine

    Currently accepting new clients

    In the journey of self-discovery, therapy is the compass guiding us towards the masterpiece we’re destined to become. Embrace your uniqueness, nurture your authenticity, and let therapy be the brush that colors your canvas of life. My passion is incorporating the arts into my therapy groups. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adults, families, military families, and blended families. With a passion for art and a commitment to active listening, I accompany individuals and families alike on their journey. I don’t aim to rewrite your narrative; rather, I offer a safe space where your story can unfold authentically.

    In the face of life’s trials, therapy becomes the sanctuary where we can pause, reflect, and heal from the wounds we’ve carried silently. Let us remember strength isn’t always in enduring alone, but in having the courage to seek support when we need it most. I would love to be that support to you.